Pediatric Cataract Surgery


When babies are born with cataracts (called congenital cataracts) they can have huge, lifelong effects on the baby's vision. Dr. Piccione will remove these cataracts before the baby is six weeks old in the hopes that the baby will achieve "normal vision."

Pediatric cataract surgery, whether congenital or acquired, takes special skill of the doctor. The procedure involves removing the cloudy lens material with microscopic equipment in an outpatient setting. An artificial lens will usually be placed into the eye around 5 years of age as a second procedure. Dr. Piccione is the ophthalmologist you can trust to correct your child's vision through surgery and post-operative treatment.

  • Eyezen+ Lenses

  • Eyezen+ Lenses

    Eyezen+ lenses are an enhanced, everyday pair of single-vision lenses that are a more complete solution to modern vision problems in our digital world. The accomodative relief provided by these lenses help defend against digital eye strain caused by hours of viewing near objects such as tablets and smart phones. They also contain Essilor's Smart Blue Filter™ feature, which blocks at least 20% of harmful blue light from digital devices, indoor lighting, and even the sun.

    Ask your doctor if the Eyezen lens is the right fit for meeting your daily visual demands with less eye strain, less eye fatigue, and more visual comfort.

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